“Transparency and Trust” Vital for Public Confidence

The UK government's Select Committee has called for greater "transparency and trust" around quarantine measures and travel corridors to ensure public confidence

Members of the UK government’s Home Office Select Committee said it was vital that the countries quarantine measures were flexible and transparent.

In a statement the Committee said: “The UK will have to maintain a flexible approach that reacts quickly to emerging circumstances and learn from practice in other countries.

“Greater clarity would be helpful on the government’s overall objectives for its border measures and travel corridors as part of the wider strategy against Covid-19, including how it is balancing public health and economic considerations.

“Maintaining transparency and trust will be vital if public confidence in self-isolation and quarantine measures following international travel is to be sustained in the long-term.

“We support the development of travel corridors to recognise the different prevalence of the virus in different countries.

“But we urge the government to be more transparent and publish the analysis behind its decisions. It will build more support for the difficult balancing judgements it has to take if it is open about the evidence behind them.”