Thomas Cook Children’s Charity to Come to an end in 2020

Thomas Cook Children's Charity board of trustees has confirmed that the charity will come to a close next year

Thomas Cook Children’s Charity board of trustees has confirmed that the charity will come to a close next year.

In a statement, the board said after “careful thought and consideration”, the charity would cease operations early next year.

The charity said it is processing its final grant applications and will share further details of some of the “inspiring” schemes it has been able to support over the coming weeks.

The charity’s trustees said in a statement: “While this may initially seem like a sad moment, the trustees would like to highlight to everyone the charity has been able to support so many truly amazing projects over the years and, as a result, has had a positive impact on many young lives.

“The legacy of the charity will live on in those projects and the lives of the children that have been improved as a result of the grants awarded.

“This is not a sad day, but a day to celebrate and be proud of how much was achieved and the inspiring stories that can be shared.”

The trustees have thanked all of the charity’s supporters spanning over the years. Support came from many including Thomas Cook customers, their suppliers and colleagues.

“Without you, everything that was achieved would not have been possible,” said the trustees.

“We look forward to sharing news with you over the coming weeks via our social media of just some of the truly inspiring projects we have been able to support.”

The trustees said they wanted to reassure partners, supporters and beneficiaries of the charity that all of the aims, objectives and promises made would be honoured in the weeks that are to follow.