The Staycation Boom!

Nearly one in two motorhome owners set to make their next four holidays UK-based

With the Covid-19 lockdown impacting holidays abroad for many Brits this year, the UK’s staycation is set to boom.

New research by MAYDAY has revealed that nearly half (45 per cent) of all caravan, motorhome and campervan owners have planned for their next 3-4 holidays to be in the UK, with a further 19 percent looking to take up to 5-6 UK-based breaks in the foreseeable future. When asked where they would most like to visit in the UK, the caravan and motorhome community voted the Lake District as their number one go-to destination, closely followed by surfing hotspot Cornwall and in third place, Wales, known for its rugged coastlines and stunning scenery. Devon, the Peak District and the Cotswolds also featured highly on the list in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.

Despite Brits making plans to explore the length and breadth of the UK, it appears that there is still nervousness when it comes to travel, even when domestically based. Of the 78 per cent that plan on using their motorhome in the UK this year, over 40 per cent reported feeling nervous or anxious about the prospect. As a result, these worries are seeing some holiday plans remain parked – eight per cent of motorhome owners admitted they will not be using their vehicle at all this summer. When pressed for why they won’t be taking a staycation, nearly a fifth (17 per cent) revealed that they were nervous to drive again after such a long time away from the roads, whilst another fifth (17 per cent) stated they would be reluctant to travel for fear of top local attractions being closed, and that their overall holiday experience would be hindered by social distancing measures.

Top 10 reasons why people won’t be taking a staycation:

  • Nervous to travel again – 36%
  • Nervous to drive again / forgotten how to – 17%
  • Worried lots of places will be closed so my experience will be impacted – 17%
  • Worried about the hygiene of campsites when I get there – 14%
  • Worried other holidaymakers won’t wear masks / necessary PPE – 14%
  • Concerned about lack of social distancing measures in place – 14%
  • Planning on holidaying outside of the UK – 12%
  • Worried my motorhome / caravan might breakdown en route & it will spoil my trip – 12%
  • I cancelled my motorhome / caravan breakdown cover during COVID-19 – 12%
  • Concerned about being around others not in my immediate household – 10%

EastEnders’ star, Ryan Philpott, who recently undertook his own motorhome journey in partnership with MAYDAY UK Breakdown Cover, said: “Travel restrictions and the continuing unease around coronavirus means many of us are opting for holidays on home turf this year. I know from my own experience that I felt slightly uneasy when I initially made the decision to take a holiday in the UK. I knew I had a reliable vehicle but having to travel such a long distance meant I was still anxious about breaking down and getting caught out. MAYDAY UK Breakdown Cover includes national recovery, so I knew that even if the worst did happen, they would still come to repair the vehicle, wherever I was.”

Allan Steatham, Head of Marketing, Caravan and Motorhome Club said: “As the results clearly show, Covid-19 continues to impact the UK – including the motorhome and caravanning community. It is vitally important that those who did not use their vehicles regularly during lockdown carry out relevant and thorough safety checks to make sure they are as prepared as possible, in the unlikely event that their vehicle should fail. At the Caravan and Motorhome Club, we’re dedicated to getting you to your destination. As part of our MAYDAY UK Breakdown Cover, if your vehicle breaks down on the way to and from your holiday, we’ll take you to your chosen destination and then home again.”

The news comes as caravan parks across England reopened a month ago and a staggering 42 per cent of motorhome owners say they will be using their vehicle more often, as a result of Covid-19. The number of holidaymakers looking to use their motorhome or campervans for staycations highlights the importance of ensuring drivers are safe and prepared when doing so. MAYDAY UK Breakdown Cover is designed especially for caravan, motorhome and campervan drivers, that will ensure you reach your destination even if your vehicle fails you.