The First Carbon Neutral Hotel Stays are Launched in Mauritius

 Veranda Leisure and Hospitality (VLH), operators of Heritage Resorts and Veranda Resorts, are offering the first carbon neutral hotel stays in Mauritius from October 2021

Veranda Leisure and Hospitality (VLH), operators of Heritage Resorts and Veranda Resorts, are offering the first carbon neutral hotel stays in Mauritius from October 2021. The initiative is a first for the hotel sector on the island and is part of a wider sustainable commitment and programme of community and environmental projects, many of which are already underway. The various projects are showcased on a new website under the programme name Now for Tomorrow.

Heritage Resorts will be offering guests carbon neutral stays at its two hotels, Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage Awali in Bel Ombre – by offsetting all CO2 emissions that would be generated by a hotel stay. This objective will be achieved through the purchase of carbon credits with the Aera Group, an environmental commodity trader, and through local carbon offset projects including the construction of a photovoltaic farm. For guests at Veranda hotels, a voluntary contribution to these projects will be offered to customers.

Now for Tomorrow comprises five areas of action, in accordance with the Mauritius Business SignNatir pact, namely energy transition, circular economy, protection of biodiversity, living and integrated communities, as well as inclusive development. As sustainability is an integral part of VLH’s DNA, Heritage Resorts and Veranda Resorts are looking to integrate these five pillars of sustainability into their operations.

For Thierry Montocchio, CEO of the VLH group, Now for Tomorrow is not just a promise. “We are launching this programme having already achieved great results from actions taken over the past ten years.

He explains: “Our conservation programme that created ten artificial reefs in the Bel Ombre lagoon has enabled significant regeneration of the corals and we have seen 20 new species of fish. Our Heritage Training Academy has empowered local communities and offered them a career in the hotel industry. Our new water bottling unit enabled us to avoid using the equivalent of 27 tons of plastic bottles in 2019 and in addition, 65% of our waste has been recycled. Now for Tomorrow is also a first in the sector because it promises carbon neutrality through clearly defined objectives and an action plan. Acting for the climate and the environment means identifying and neutralizing our greenhouse gas emissions and coming up with concrete initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality.”

Additional projects the group has committed to include from January 2022, 100% of the fruits and vegetables, seafood, poultry and meat consumed in the group’s hotels will come from Mauritian farmers and producers, or from regional partners in the Indian Ocean. The group is looking to recycle 75% of its waste by 2022, and aims to reduce food waste by committing to a pilot project carried out in collaboration with The PLEDGE on Food Waste group in Mauritius.

Philippe Espitalier-Noël, CEO of the Rogers group which is the parent group of VLH Ltd adds: “Now for Tomorrow is not just about telling people that it is time to act now for the environment and for future generations, but it’s about leading by example. I have worked on this initiative since my appointment as CEO in 2007 and, more recently, among the business community as chairman of the “Sustainable and Inclusive Growth” commission of Business Mauritius.”

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