Tenerife Residents Protest Against Mass Tourism

Residents of popular holiday island, Tenerife, protest at what they are calling the "irreparable damage" cause by mass tourism

Protestors have taken to the streets in Spain’s Tenerife to complain of what they call the “irreparable damage” caused by mass tourism.

Protestors have claimed that the island has “completely collapsed” and complained of sewage spills, long traffic jams and environmental damage which they are blaming on the construction of new hotel complexes in coastal areas of south Tenerife.

A spokesperson for the protestors said that “mass tourism” had destroyed some of the island’s “natural spaces” and had caused “irreparable damage” to the natural environment in southern Tenerife.

The group is calling for a temporary stop to tourism so officials can develop a plan to reduce the number of visitors to the island.

Protestors are also calling for an eco-tax to be introduced for tourists.