Stephen Cotter Appointed Managing Director of CIE Tours

Mr. Stephen Cotter has been appointed Managing Director of CIE Tours, one of Ireland's oldest tour companies

Mr. Stephen Cotter has been appointed Managing Director of CIE Tours, one of Ireland’s oldest tour companies.  The largest carrier of visitors from the US to Ireland, in recent years CIE Tours has expanded its business to destinations including Iceland and Italy. Last year over 35,000 people travelled with CIE Tours, evidence of the continuing demand for quality guided tours.

A veteran of the Irish tourism sector, Stephen has worked with CIE Tours for over 20 years, holding leadership roles in the areas of Finance and Operations.  Prior to his appointment, he was Chief Operations Officer for the company.

Commenting on Stephen’s appointment, Lorcan O’Connor, CEO of CIE Group said;

“Under Stephen’s leadership, we can look forward to a period of robust development and sustainable growth.  Stephen has a deep understanding of the travel industry and has been a key member of the management team who developed and implemented the current business strategy.  His forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence align perfectly with CIE Tours mission to be at the forefront of the Irish travel industry.  I look forward to working with him in his new role”.

Stephen Cotter said;

“I am delighted to be appointed Managing Director of CIE Tours and to be leading the company as we continue to build on our fantastic heritage.  As one of the longest established coach tour operators, CIE Tours has a depth of experience and knowledge that is unrivalled.  We’re renowned for the quality of visitor experience we offer and we’re now taking that expertise to other markets.  The expansion of our tours in Ireland and to other countries will be a key focus for me as we look to grow the company.  To that end, I am very pleased that bookings for our new tours in Iceland and Italy are ahead of expectations.

“CIE Tours has always been innovative and as we look to the future, a priority will be to harness that innovation so that we meet the demands of sustainable tourism.  The environment is one vital part of sustainability and so too is the cultural and social impact of tourism.  Visitor attractions are not just for visitors, they must contribute to the communities they are situated in. Responsible tourism, and tourism that delivers to the regions are central to CIE Tours and together with our 800 partners in Ireland we can build an even stronger offering with responsible tourism at its core.

“We have long and successful partnerships with our tourism operators and I look forward to deepening those relationships as we implement our sustainability strategy and meet the demand of our customers for responsible travel.

“I look forward to working with our incredible team as we meet the many opportunities to grow our business in the years ahead”.