Scenic Eclipse Northwest Passage Expedition Voyage Acclaimed for Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip

Scenic Eclipse has accomplished the first-ever combined helicopter flight and submarine dive operations in the Canadian Arctic

The first Scenic Eclipse Expedition Voyage along the famed Northwest Passage has been acclaimed by guests as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Over this remarkable 23-day itinerary Scenic Eclipse has accomplished the first-ever combined helicopter flight and submarine dive operations in the Canadian Arctic.

Linking the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, for centuries the waterway remained impassable, ice-blocked, with many legendary explorers trying, and failing, to carve a way through. Now, the Northwest Passage, accessible for only three weeks each year, is still beyond the boundaries of travel for many.

“It is the ultimate journey, as we are sailing through three different oceans away from any close assistance. Scenic Eclipse’s state-of-the-art technology allowed for smooth navigation through these waters thanks to its Polar Class 6 rating, electronic Azipod propulsion system and oversized stabilisers.

Being able to discover such a remote, almost untouched wilderness, with the combination of so many experiences – from the sky by helicopter, underneath the surface by submarine, on the water by Zodiac or on land – while cruising with the unrivalled ultra-luxury comfort and safety of Scenic Eclipse, is truly remarkable. “The diversity of the experiences offered, the incredible wildlife viewing, the support of a dedicated and smiling crew made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience” shared Captain Erwan le Rouzic.

The Northwest Passage also offers some of the rarest wildlife viewing opportunities on our planet – over 62 polar bears, as well as narwhals, belugas, northern right whales, sea lions and snowy owls were observed.

From sighting elusive Musk Ox’s to toasting champagne on the Beaufort Sea this Scenic Eclipse journey was as unique as it was memorable. “Wrapped up in the layers of Inuit and pre-Inuit habitation, European exploration, ongoing geo-political implications and ever-changing ice, weather and wildlife conditions, a journey through the Northwest Passage is never the same twice, and mystery lies around every corner. Scenic Eclipse has provided the platform for Discovery experiences crucial to accessing these remote opportunities” Danny Johnston, Scenic Eclipse Expedition Leader said.

In addition to viewing Inuit cultural performances during various community visits, Scenic Eclipse became the first vessel to return the favour with our ship’s performers providing a concert for the local residents. An impromptu throat singing concert, held on board in the lounge while in Gjoa Haven, delighted guests and crew alike.

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