RYANAIR’S FALSE CLAIMS: Dublin Airport Urge Ryanair To “Redo Their Sums”

The DAA have rejected Ryanair's claims that Dublin Airport is set to increase airport charges by 45% in 2024 urging the low-cost airline to "redo their sums"

The DAA have adamantly rejected Ryanair’s claims that Dublin Airport is set to increase airport charges by 45% in 2024.

In a statement issued on Thursday (21 September,) Ryanair claimed that DAA are “increasing passenger charges, mismanaging capital expense, and are allegedly failing to deliver a meaningful environmental incentive scheme that rewards lower emission aircrafts”.

Ryanair accused the DAA as having a ‘lack of incentives,” and as a result, the airline have cancelled 17 flights from its Winter 23/24 schedule at Dublin Airport.

However Dublin Airport Authority has hit back, refuting Ryanair’s the claims and urging the airline  to “redo their sums”.

CEO of the DAA, Kenny Jacobs stated: “Ryanair’s claim of a 45% increase in charges in 2024 is FALSE. As Ryanair knows well, the aeronautical charges at Dublin Airport are regulated by the IAA who set the maximum level of charges at Dublin Airport. There is nothing approaching a 45% proposed in pricing at Dublin Airport which is patently false for anyone who has studied the regulators’ determination last December.”

The DAA further urged that, “Rather than depending on back of a scratch card mathematics, I would urge those making such false statements, to redo their sums and more importantly study the range of sustainability incentives proposed at Dublin Airport and join us on the journey to a carbon free aviation eco-system over the coming years.”