Ryanair Will Contest Lufthansa Bailout

Ryanair has said it will contest a €9 Billion bailout given to Lufthansa by the German government

Budget carrier Ryanair will contest a €9 billion German government bailout for Lufthansa, claiming it breaches EU competition rules.

Chief Executive Michael O’Leary claims Germany “ignored EU treaties to the detriment of poorer countries under the pretext of Covid-19”.

O’Leary said: “This, and other bailouts, will have a more devastating long-term effect on the future of European aviation than the pandemic itself.

“We urge the European Commission to stand by its principles and keep the skies open, fair and competitive.

“If not, the single aviation market the EU has successfully built will crumble, with European consumers and taxpayers paying the price.

“The commission’s approval of the Lufthansa bailout is a betrayal of the core principles of EU law, which we have no alternative but to refer to the EU General Court.”

The European Commission on Thursday confirmed it had approved Germany’s plans to contribute to the recapitalisation of Lufthansa Group.