Ryanair Rules Out US Flights – Despite Ordering New Jets

Ryanair has ruled out any entry to the long-haul or North American market despite the scheduled delivery of 135 extended range Boeing jets

The budget airline has hailed its new Boeing 737 Max as “a game-changer” due to its extended range, greater fuel economy and extra seating capacity however, Ryanair Marketing Director Kenny Jacobs has ruled out the high-tech aircraft being used as an entry onto the transatlantic market.

Instead, Ryanair said its strategy will now be looking to extend its existing European operations farther into north Africa, the Middle East and eastern Europe.

“We don’t have any plans to go long haul,” Kenny said. “Yes, the Max aircraft are larger, we will have 197 seats on them as opposed to 189 on the current fleet.”

“You can optimise the flying from places like Edinburgh and Glasgow to Lanzarote.”

“If you look at the network we now have, we are flying to Jordan, Israel, north Africa and the Ukraine,” he added.

“So the network is expanding a bit, but we don’t have any plans to do long-haul flying.”