Ryanair Promises to Deal with Refunds Backlog

Ryanair has promised that there will be "rapid progress" in dealing with the backlog of refunds for cancelled flights

Ryanair has promised that there will be “rapid progress” in dealing with the large backlog of refund applications for flights cancelled from March to June.

The budget carrier has promised that 90% of the backlog will be cleared by the end of July.

The airline has said that additional staff have been trained to deal with the backlog.

Ryanair CEO, Eddie Wilson said: “Over 90pc of passengers who booked directly with Ryanair and who requested a cash refund for travel between March and June will receive their refunds before the end of July.

Ryanair has also called on “screenscraping” online travel agents (OTAs) to provide “accurate details of their unauthorised bookings so Ryanair can also process these refunds”.

“It is worrying however that a significant rump of our customers, who made bookings through unauthorised third party screenscrapers or OTAs, have yet to receive their refunds because the OTAs gave Ryanair fake email addresses or virtual credit card details for these customers,” added Mr Wilson.