Ryanair Launches Scathing Attack on Ireland’s New Travel Mandate

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary immediately condemned Ireland's newly introduced travel measures calling them "ineffective and inappropriate gobbledygook"

Ryanair has criticised Ireland’s new travel restrictions, describing them as “ineffective and inappropriate gobbledygook”.

Ireland announced that all arrivals into the country – whether vaccinated or not – will need to provide a negative Covid test result from Friday onwards.

Those travelling with an antigen test result will need to have obtained it within 48 hours of departure, and it will have to be professionally administered. Those with a PCR test result will have a longer pre-travel window of 72 hours.

This includes those arriving by air or by sea from Great Britain, but does not apply to those crossing the boarder from Northern Ireland.

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary was quick to condemned the measures calling them “Nphet nonsense” which had been imposed unnecessarily and “without consultation”.

The airline also questioned why “when over 90 per cent of Irish adults are vaccinated”, do they “now have to produce a negative antigen test instead of vax certification to travel out and home to Ireland”.

Mr O’Leary said: “As an Island on the periphery of Europe, Ireland needs simple, but effective health measures for international travel.”

He said the new announcements were “the latest example of Nphet and the chief medical officer – the people who originally opposed face masks, track and tracing, and antigen testing – making it up as they go along”.