Removal of Pre-Return Testing a “Significant Step” for Northern Ireland Travel Industry Says ANITA

ANITA have called the removal of the pre-return testing requirement for Northern Ireland holidaymakers a "significant step" for both travellers and the travel and tourism industry

Late on Thursday night (September 23) the Northern Ireland Executive removed the requirement for a pre-return test for any traveller who has been fully vaccinated in the UK, a step the Association of Northern Ireland Travel Agents (ANITA) have called a “significant step” for both travellers and the travel and tourism industry.

Damian Murphy from ANITA said: “This latest step which takes away the requirement to do a test before you can return home is a significant move forward for the travel industry in Northern Ireland as well as another vital step in simplifying the process for the holidaymaker.

“This once again brings us in line with England and will help restore confidence to would be travellers. Interest has risen this week already in anticipation of this move and will receive a warm welcome from most people  here. Next step is to get rid of the day two on return testing and that will probably be as much as we can hope for until early next year.

“It is still vital that our executive recognise our precarious financial position and come up with some sort support package to help us through what will be a challenging few months ahead.

“With re re-opening of the US borders on the horizon as well this has been a good
week for everyone involved in our industry here.”