Princess Cruises Confirms Refunds Nearly 60% Complete

Princess Cruises has confirmed that nearly 60% of refunds and future cruise credit has been processed

Princess has processed nearly 60% of refund and future cruise credit requests.

The cruise line said it understood clients’ frustration over delays, but stressed it was continuing to make progress on payments. Princess said extra resources have been sought to speed up the process, which has been complicated by having to deal in more than a dozen currencies and across a number of payment methods.

In an update, the cruise line said: “Processing refunds has remained one of our top priorities since our company paused operations.

“Despite significantly increasing people resources in this area, we needed to also ramp up our systems capabilities to be able to handle higher volume and significant complexity.

“With a global scope, our refund process is an involved one, dealing with 13 different currencies and various payment methods.

“Our teammates are making their way through the backlog more quickly now, and have completed nearly 60% of refunds so far.”