Phuket Cracks Down on Selfies at Airport Beach

Holidaymakers will soon be moved from Phuket's famed 'selfie beach' due to concerns that snap-happy tourists are a danger to incoming aircraft
 - and failure to comply could have serious consequences 

Airport management and local authorities want to close off a section of the beach where visitors, desperate to get a selfie with a low flying plane in the background, have been flocking as airport bosses claim it can be distracting for pilots.

The stretch of beach in question will now become a ‘no-selfie zone’.

Phuket Airport Deputy General Manager Vijit Keawsaitiam sad: “We are setting up a safety zone which will be categorised as a strictly prohibited area that does not allow people and tourists to take pictures. Aside from this area, local people and tourists can still come to take pictures as usual.”

Airport Director Monrudee Gettuphan said “anyone violating this could be charged under the Air Navigation Act.”

Penalties for violating the act could even include the death sentence.

“People need to stay away from the restricted zone. We want to prevent any unknown object or material injuring people, or even their hearing being damaged by the noise of the aircraft’s engines,” Monrudee said.

“The penalty for anyone failing to comply with this regulation includes the death penalty, a life sentence, or a jail term of between five to 20 years, as per the Air Aviation Act 1978.”