Pack Your Bags! Spain to Welcome Holidaymakers from July!

The Spanish Prime Minister has announced that the country will begin welcoming international tourists from July

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced that Spain will reopen to international tourists from July, pledging a safety guarantee for visitors and the workforce.

Spain receives over 80 million tourists per year and starting in July, Sánchez has announced that international tourism can resume once more and tourists can start planning their holidays to Spain.

The prime minister emphasised that safety is paramount for tourism and the Spanish government will guarantee that tourists will not be exposed to any risks and at the same time, will not bring any risk into the county.

Sánchez confirmed that as part of the planning for Spain’s phased reopening plan known as the ‘Plan de Desescalada’, the government worked with the tourism sector to prepare measures for the reopening of tourism, coordinated by Ministry of Industry, Business and Tourism in collaboration with Spain’s autonomous communities.

Spanish tourism has long been synonymous with warm hospitality, a great climate, beautiful landscapes, gastronomy and exceptional culture, as well as safety and security. Going forward, the Prime Minister announced that Spanish tourism will have two new hallmarks; that of health and safety and of environmental sustainability.

Sánchez concluded his message by reiterating that Spain awaits visitors from July and those that come, can rest in the knowledge that it will be a safe destination that is also committed to environmental sustainability.