Officials Close Popular Tenerife Beach as Concerns Raised

Officials in Tenerife have declared the closure of another popular tourist beach due to safety concerns

Tenerife authorities have declared the closure of another beach due to concerns about loose rocks posing a risk to visitors.

Benijo beach, located in the Santa Cruz region, is renowned as one of the island’s finest sandy expanses, often referred to as its “hidden gem”. Situated in Taganana in the northern part of the Spanish island, the beach offers breathtaking views of the Roques de Anaga rock formations.

The site is currently off-limits to visitors as officials evaluate public safety. This setback adds to the inconvenience for tourists, as restrictions have also been imposed at two other well-liked beaches.

According to a Monday announcement from the Santa Cruz city council, “The councillor for citizen security and emergencies, Gladis de León, issued a decree earlier today to restrict entry to Benijo beach due to minor landslides spotted in recent weeks.”

Officials said that technical reports have been requested to assess the risks associated with the slope and to determine any required actions.