Northern Ireland’s Holidaymakers Waste Hours of Trips Deciding What to do

Holidaymakers in Northern Ireland 'waste' over an hour a day of their getaways making decisions about how to spend their days

Holidaymakers in Northern Ireland ‘waste’ over an hour a day of their getaways making decisions about how to spend their days.

This means 14 hours and 18 minutes of the average two-week break is spent figuring out what to do – costing them £66 based on the average £1,553 cost.

A poll of 2,000 adults who’ve been on holiday within the past five years found 54 per cent of holidaymakers in Northern Ireland ‘always’ or ‘often’ struggle for inspiration when it comes to what to do on holiday.

Over half (52 per cent) feel pressure to make the best of their holiday, with 61 per cent of those admitting this can impact their enjoyment of their trip.

The research, which was commissioned by loveholidays to mark the rollout of its new range of experiences, revealed the fear of missing out as a key factor in the decision-making dilemma, with 20 per cent worried they’ll make the wrong choice and miss out on ‘must do’ activities.

Al Murray, Chief Marketing Officer at loveholidays, said: “Holidaymakers want to enjoy every moment while away but sometimes the process of choosing what to do can get in the way of that.

“It’s easy to get overwhelmed or spend too much of your precious time figuring out what to do.

“The process doesn’t need to be hard however – if consumers can see all the experiences on offer and what they involve in one place, then choosing what to do is significantly easier and quicker for them.”

The study went on to find a third (32 per cent) went as far as to say they are in a ‘bit of a rut’ when it comes to deciding what to do on holiday.

A further 29 per cent have felt envious when comparing what they’ve done on trips to activities their friends and family have taken part in.

Those polled also revealed what would make the process of choosing holiday experiences easier and crucially, help ensure they don’t have such feelings again.

Clear pricing came top (63 per cent), followed by good value for money (54 per cent), a website with all the excursions in one place (37 per cent), and images of the activities (37 per cent).

Customer reviews (31 per cent), videos of the activities (31 per cent), a good choice of excursions (29 per cent) and knowing how long the excursion will last for (29 per cent) are also important to holidaymakers in Northern Ireland.

Carried out through OnePoll, the study found the most popular activities to do while away are are boat trips (80 per cent), cultural and guided tours (43 per cent) and museums (40 per cent).

Al Murray at loveholidays added: “The last thing anyone wants to be when on holiday is bored or to feel they’ve wasted their break.

“Sometimes a little inspiration is all we need, and with the option to book all of your activities in one place,  the process is that little bit easier.”

Holidaymakers can now add activities, attraction tickets and tours to their package holidays through loveholidays’ ‘Manage My Booking’ portal.

To celebrate the rollout of experiences, the online travel agent is offering customers 10% off selected activities until midnight on Sunday (21 April) when using the code LH10OFF at check-out.