NI Chamber Backs Expansion Plans for Heathrow

The Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Heathrow Airport hosted a joint round table recently examining the regional benefits of expanding Heathrow

The event in Belfast was part of a national programme of events which provide an opportunity for businesses to discuss the benefits of Heathrow expansion across all areas of the UK.

Christopher Morrow, Head of Policy at NI Chamber, commented: “Heathrow offers access to the British market and to a wide range of global destinations which are important for export growth, foreign direct investment and tourism.

“Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry specifically welcomes any expansion plans at airports which have relevance for Northern Ireland and boost the connectivity of the region with other areas in the UK and beyond and ensure the UK is open for trade post Brexit.

“Without increasing airport capacity at Heathrow, the UK will lose out on business competitiveness and tourism and that will have a knock-on effect for Northern Ireland with many people transiting through Heathrow en route to the region.”

Pictured above at the event are Joanna Robinson (Partner at Pinsent Masons); Ian Henry (Director at Henry Brothers); Maya Jani (Head of Expansion Procurement at Heathrow) and Christopher Morrow (Head of Policy at NI Chamber of Commerce.