New York Gets More Eco Aware

New York make plans to eradicate toiletries in single-use plastic containers from hotels

Long Island Democrat Senator Todd Kaminsky leads the charge for a more environmentally friendly New York, as a group of lawmakers propose to impose a ban for hotels of 50 rooms or more from 2023 from supplying toiletries in single-use plastic containers. The ban will extend to smaller hotels in 2024.

The ban would free the Big Apple of 27.4 million plastic bottles each year from the hospitality industry.

Plastic containers are just part of the move to reduce plastic pollution across the state,  including banning plastic bags, and follows in the footsteps of a similar action in California, which is also looking to remove single-use plastic from hotel establishments from 2023.

“By barring hotels from giving single-use plastic toiletries to customers, we are safeguarding our environment, and mitigating plastic waste and waterway pollution,” the senator said.

Hotels will be encouraged to replace the single use plastic containers with reusable wall-mounted dispensers or recyclable non-plastic single-use containers.