New UK-Based Cruise Line – Tradewind Voyages

A new UK-based cruise line has been launched by a group of travel industry veterans – and they will begin sailing next summer

A new UK-based cruise line, launched by a group of travel industry veterans, will begin sailing in summer 2021.

Tradewind Voyages will operate Golden Horizon, the world’s largest square-rigged sailing ship, from May to August 2021.

Capable of carrying up to 272 passengers, the vessel will sail an initial nine North European voyages, seven from Harwich and two from Glasgow, with itineraries featuring Denmark, Iceland, the Norwegian Fjords and the Baltics.

The ship will then transfer across the globe to feature destinations in Australia, the Indian Ocean, Japan, Alaska, the Americas and the Pacific Islands in late 2021 and 2022.

Golden Horizon will allow guests to explore the world’s oceans more sustainably, with voyages planned using the prevailing winds and currents.