New Ryanair Strike Looms in Five Countries

There's more disruption looming on the horizon for Ryanair customers

Cabin crew in five countries are set to go on strike on September 28 in another blow to the airline as staff unrest in the company continues.

Cabin crew who are union members in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands will stage the latest 24-hour strike, adding to pressure on Ryanair management.

The latest planned stoppage by cabin crew follows a strike by unionised staff Ryanair pilots in Germany which saw the airline cancel 150 of its German flights.

Union leaders in the five countries where cabin crew are threatening strike action on September 28 claim in a strike notice that for decades Ryanair has dictated its orders and “faced no real challenges from employees’ representatives and have demonstrated to trade unions that [they] are incapable of maintaining a meaningful conversation during the talks”.

Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O’Leary has dismissed claims that the airline engaged in bullying tactics. He told TV channel CNBC that claims the airline had bullied trade unions were “complete rubbish”.

Ryanair said last year that it would recognise unions. Since then, it has been trying to strike collective labour agreements across Europe.