New Perks with Barbados Family and Friends Club

Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. has re-launched the Barbados Family and Friends Club (BFF), offering Barbadians living overseas the opportunity to win more attractive cash rewards, in addition to other new and exciting perks

The Barbados High Commissioner Sir Guy Hewitt re-launched the initiative at his residence on Saturday February 17.

“Our newly re-launched BFF incentive programme encourages the Barbadian diaspora to continue to promote their beautiful island to their family and friends,” said Cheryl Carter Director of BTMI UK.

“This re-launch is a testimony to how much the loyalty and commitment of the diaspora to Barbados is valued. Their love of and familiarity with the island gives them a unique platform to promote the beauty, culture and the bustle of activity that takes place year on year. With our new and improved initiative, we hope to expand our reach across all Barbadian communities throughout the UK.”

Below is an outline of the perks:

100 per cent increase in cash rewards: The BFF Club was originally developed and launched in 2009 to actively engage the Barbadian diaspora, particularly those in the major source markets. Under the re-launch, members will receive 250 points for every visitor they send to Barbados, with a bonus 250 points if that visitor stays in approved accommodations. Originally, once 2500 points were accumulated, members would have been able to cash in £100 in the currency of their country of residence. Now, they’ve doubled the rewards, offering £200 for every 2500 points earned. For example, U.K. members will be paid £200 for 2500 points.

New, sleek digital interface: Through the new website, members will have access to a full suite of marketing collateral, including promotional images and videos to help paint the picture of destination Barbados. They will also be able to track the progress of their accounts, submit and redeem points.

“We’ve fully assessed the programme to examine how best we could enhance it and make it more attractive and beneficial to the diaspora. In addition to increasing the benefits, we believe that for example, the new digital components, serve to augment the programme, bringing it more in line with the modern, tech-savvy approach the BTMI takes to its regular operations,” said William ‘Billy’ Griffith, CEO.

Added value: In addition to the above, BFF Club members can also receive special discounts from participating hotels, ground activities and other services while visiting Barbados.