New Home for Urban Culture in Helsinki

Mall of Tripla creates experiences for everyday life and leisure

Today (October 17, 2019) sees the opening of Mall of Tripla, the new home for urban culture in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, and the biggest shopping centre in the Nordic countries.

The shopping centre, located just north of the city centre, in Pasila, has as many as 250 shops and services, including new brands, restaurants and cafés, as well as the largest hub of supermarkets in Finland. Mall of Tripla has reserved one third of its retail space for experiences.

Helsinki has a new, experience-focused urban centre as the largest shopping centre in the Nordic countries, Mall of Tripla, opens its doors 17th October 2019.

“We’re confident people will love it here. Our aim is to develop Mall of Tripla into a new kind of urban centre which is genuinely a part of our customers’ everyday life. This is the best location for a new “city within a city”, as Mall of Tripla is easy to reach from anywhere. The most important thing for us though, is that people come and spend time here, feel genuinely at home and keep coming back”, says Kati Kivimäki, Managing Director of Mall of Tripla.

Mall of Tripla houses more than 60 restaurants and cafés – from top-quality street food to fine dining. The extensive range of experiences also includes Helsinki’s first indoor sandy beach and surfing centre, Surf House Helsinki and, on the ground floor, as well as the Finnish Music Hall of Fame.

Mall of Tripla also brings a plethora of new brands to the Finnish market, for example popular European clothing brands Reserved, Mojito, Sinsay, House and Cropp. In total, Mall of Tripla has five floors for shopping, full of fashion and lifestyle brands. The first floor is the home of the largest supermarket hub in Finland (K-Supermarket, Lidl, Prisma and Alko) and the Market Zoo food market. The second, third and fourth floors offer a comprehensive selection of fashion, design and specialty shops.

Tripla is located in a transport hub that is unique even on a global scale. It is connected to Pasila railway station, one of the busiest stations in Finland. The station is located within Mall of Tripla, on the 4th floor. The same floor houses new cafés and restaurants as well as fashion and lifestyle shops, such as Kekäle and TRE. The top fifth floor invites you to spend time in restaurants and wellness facilities.

“City life in Helsinki, in all its forms, will be reinvented at Mall of Tripla. Local residents, commuters, train passengers, young people and families and those coming from further afield – absolutely everyone is welcome. This urban centre is alive round the clock”, says Kivimäki happily.