New Distillery Planning Visitor and Tasting Centre

A new distillery will be launched later this year with premises including a visitors centre and tasting room

Ion Distillery has been brewing beer since 2014, and now they are planning to launch a range of spirits including rum, vodka and gin which will be distilled from scratch in Northern Ireland.

The drinks company will be located on Drumnakilly Road in Carrickmore and has been set up by Pokertree Brewing Company.

Darren Nugent, the Co-Founder of Ion Distillery, said the idea came after they noticed a “growing interest” from people wanting to see how the drinks were produced.

“When we decided to move into spirit production, we thought it would be a great accompaniment for our products, and we would be able to display them in a nice setting, so people could come and see first-hand what we do,” he said.

“We’re looking to produce our own rum from scratch,” he continued.

“A lot of companies that make rum would have imported it from the Caribbean, but the spirits we make will be made on premises here.

“We can produce a great volume of spirit without having to move premises. The craft spirit market is booming but it is such a small part of an overall massive market.”

The new home of Ireland’s first 100% locally made craft rums, unique gins and vodkas will be launching later this year.