New Boat Rental and Yacht Charter Company Shaking Up Travel 

An online marketplace that connects boat and yacht owners with people wishing to rent them for their next holiday or adventure has expanded into the UK market; and is aiming to change the face of the traditional holiday by enabling people to take their trips from land, out onto the water

Owners of motorboats and sailboats can rent them out to the wider world at a set price per day and can choose to accept or reject renters based on their nautical experience or previous reviews from other owners.

Renters are offered a unique holiday, and can choose from 30,000 rental boats from around the world; booked with or without a skipper depending on their experience and whether or not they have a boating licence. Bookings and payments are arranged with trust and peace of mind.

Boats available to rent through Samboat include motorboats, sailboats, RIBs, catamarans, houseboats and yachts. Renters can hire boats from as little as €15 per day, right up to the more luxurious options costing €7000 per day. The platform caters for everyone, from those just looking for a chilled out day at sea with friends, for a spot of fishing or island exploration, right through to couples or families wanting a holiday with on-board accommodation, or those requiring a boat for private events, parties or stag and hen dos.

As well as generating extra income for the owners, who may only use their boats for a couple of weeks of the year and otherwise leave them docked and unattended, the peer-to-peer model reduces maintenance costs for them and ensures that their boats are being driven or sailed regularly.

For renters, the platform delivers great savings, with bookings available at around 30% cheaper than the traditional market. Samboat makes boat rental more affordable and a viable option for those who had never previously been able to consider it.

Alfredo Bernal, UK Country Manager at, said: “Hiring a boat doesn’t need to cost a fortune and our aim is to make boat and yacht holidays and rental accessible to all. There’s a real sense of freedom that comes with being on the water and we’re predicting that the trend of boating holidays will become as popular among British tourists abroad as it is with other Europeans.

“We have owners on Samboat from all around the world, so whether someone is looking to rent a boat in Croatia, France or the Canary Islands, right through to the British Virgin Islands or Bahamas, there’s an option for all.”