New App Gives Travellers Access to VIP Nightclub Tables

With the launch of Figaroo you can now access a VIP table in some of the world's most exclusive nightclubs by coming together with fellow members to share the experience and the cost – perfect if you are travelling and want to experience clubs you may not be a member of

Figaroo is an invite-only app that connects members with the top club promoters worldwide and with fellow Figaroo members – bringing the sharing economy to the nightclub experience. Members pool together to share a VIP table – this allows you to experience a new club where you may not already be a member or a regular, to meet new people (especially when you are travelling) and to cut the cost of a night out from around £1,500 (the minimum for a VIP table in London) to closer to £150.

Founder Marco Scotti explains; “When travelling, it can be difficult to access a VIP Table as you don’t know the best Promoter, or the best club, and you don’t have a group of friends in a city you’ve just arrived in. Figaroo allows you to find the best clubs, with the nightclub experience you are looking for, and to share this with fellow travelers and locals – ensuring you have a great night out, make new friends and really get to know the place. It also allows you to do this at a fraction of the cost of buying the entire table yourself. For example, in New York a VIP table is $3,000 minimum, probably something you wouldn’t necessarily want to spend on your own.”

But Figaroo is not just for travellers; in your own city you can share a table, meaning you don’t have to find a date when all your friends can make it, and you can use it as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Figaroo is a London-based company which has formed partnerships with professional, high-end nightclub promoters across Europe, USA, TelAviv, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beirut and Dubai – with more countries to follow in the coming weeks.

“While travelling on business over the last seven years I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take VIP Tables in dozens of cities from New York to Tel-Aviv, London to Saint-Tropez – and beyond. It was an inefficient process and often lacked the human connection; i.e. the promoter to recommend the best venue and secure the table, and the group of friends to enjoy it with. Figaroo seeks to solve that challenge using technology and the power of the sharing economy.” says Scotti.

The VIP Tables industry is worth $25Billion a year worldwide, and $2Billion in London alone. Figaroo’s goal is to disrupt the Table booking ecosystem; offering clubbers the technology to dramatically improve their experience, and offering the 150,000+ club promoters worldwide the ability to expand their customer network and fill more tables with paying clients.

Figaroo is launching this week in London and will be adding new cities on a regular basis, starting with Milan, then Madrid, then Paris and the USA. The company will expand rapidly thanks to its already established network of worldwide professional Promoters.