Live the American Dream with Road Trip Recommender!

Live the American dream. Your own road movie. Shades on. Boots on. Top down. To Death Valley and beyond with Thelma, or Louise. Burgers, cokes or shakes and a stack of chips along Route 66

A road trip through America is something on everyone’s bucket list and with the launch of American Holidays’ new ‘Road Trip Recommender’, American Holidays have made it even easier for you to plan your best holiday ever.

Unique to American Holidays, this tool, along with their expert first-hand knowledge, makes American Holidays the perfect choice for booking your 2018 road trip adventure.

Choose from a wealth of road-tripping gems from classic drives such as Route 66 or the West Coast highway, or opt for a fun themed adventure such as the best places to dine on the East Coast.

A road trip through America is a truly magnificent way to explore the States, allowing you to travel at your own pace and choose from a wide range of pit-stops. Now, it has never been easier to plan your route, with amazing itineraries ready to go or options for tailor-made trips throughout America. With Road Trip Recommender the possibilities are unlimited!