‘Life Goes On’ as Normal in Tenerife – for Residents and Visitors

Tourism authorities in Tenerife have issued a statement to reassure travel companies and their customers that 'life goes on' as normal as small coronaries outbreak 'nears completion phase'

Tourism authorities in Tenerife have issued a statement to reassure travel companies and their customers that ‘life goes on’ as normal despite the recent small coronavirus outbreak.

Providing images and video as proof that it’s business as usual, Visit Tenerife said around 450,000 people joined in the celebrations at the island’s annual Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival, which took place despite other countries in Europe banning large gatherings.

“Around the island, there is a state of absolute normality, and life goes on, both in the tourist areas and in the rest of the island, like it was any other day of the year,” it said.

“Cars and people are moving around freely; ports and airports are operating as normal (with no restriction whatsoever regarding arrivals or departures); on beaches, in shops, parks, museums and restaurants, on the streets, and so on.”

It also gave an update on the departure of guests from the H10 Costa Adeje Palace where five guests, all from Italy, tested positive.

“The coronavirus outbreak on the island is already in its completion phase, following the efficient action of the health services which, in strict compliance with the protocols laid out by the World Health Organisation, managed to successfully limit the spread of the virus,” it said.

“The regional Health Department reports that all five positive cases of coronavirus COVID-19 continue to be in good health and remain in isolation in hospital in Tenerife. All five came from Italy and belong to the same group of ten people who were travelling together. The rest of the group continues to be isolated in their hotel rooms.”

It said the Spanish Ministry of Health has, together with the regional Health Department, drawn up the protocol for the departure of the remaining hotel guests, based on their situation and the time they have been on the island.

The five people who tested positive are still in hospital, while other travellers who had close contact with the hospitalised patients, as well as those who have shown mild symptoms at some point during the medical assessments, currently remain isolated in their hotel rooms.

Around 130 guests who entered the hotel on February 24 are considered to have no risk whatsoever of exposure have gradually been leaving the hotel since Saturday.

Holidaymakers who entered the hotel before February 24 have been closely monitored and are all asymptomatic.

“They are also allowed to leave the hotel and fly back to their countries, provided they fulfil three conditions: they continue to be asymptomatic; medical tests carried out 24 hours before their departure come back negative, and that their countries of origin have established the procedure for their return and guarantee to continue monitoring them when once they arrive home,” said the statement.

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