Leading NI Tour Operator Calls on Executive to Help Travel Sector

Leading Northern Ireland tour operator call on Northern Ireland Executive to provide help for local travel agencies and tour operators

Leading Northern Ireland Tour Operator, Travel Solutions, today (July 7) called on the Northern Ireland Executive to come to the aid of the local travel agencies and tour operators.

Managing Director, Peter McMinn, said: “The travel industry has been given a lifeline in England, with the relaxation of inbound travel restrictions, and it is extremely disappointing that the Northern Ireland Executive has failed to address these restrictions on a local level, for those holidaymakers who wish to holiday this summer.

“For the past sixteen weeks our local travel agents and tour operators have been handling high levels of refunds without any new income coming into their businesses, and it is now time for the Executive to review this urgently and give some hope to these local companies. Failure to address this issue now risks hundreds of local jobs.”