Kavos Named as Number One Party Spot

The top party destinations for summer 2018 have been revealed with Kavos on the Greek island of Corfu hitting the number one spot

Kavos is known for its wild nightlife with young Brits heading to the isle in droves to enjoy its beach, boat and paint parties.

The data was released by clubbing holiday brand Party Hard Travel who specialise in party travel to Europe. The second most popular destination for summer 2018 is Malia, on another of the Greek islands, Crete, followed by Ibiza, Zante, Ayia Napa, Sunny Beach and Magaluf.

Kavos has increased in popularity since 2017, when it was only the second most popular destination for partygoers to number one Malia. Nathan Cable, co-founder of Party Hard Travel said: “Kavos is where our customers want to be this summer, and we understand why. Yes, old favourites like Ayia Napa and Magaluf are still popular with our core audience of 18-23s, but customers love the short flight time to Kavos, and how cheap it is once they’re in the resort. It’s centred on a huge strip of bars and restaurants and has amazing nightlife. It’s totally geared to ensuring our guests have the best week of their lives.”

The clubbing holiday brand has put together six  reasons to choose Kavos for your 2018 party escape:

  1. The nightlife – When you’re on a party holiday, the nightlife has to deliver and Kavos has it all. Head to the Future Club night where you can see celebrities like Tom Zanetti and DJ EZ and head out back to connecting club Atlantis for the Atlantis Sunrise Sessions.
  2. You can Party Hard at The Zoo – Party Hard Travel have introduced their own range of events for summer ’18, Party Hard at The Zoo which was promoted with a UK wide club tour. In Kavos, you can don your animal war paint and get ready to party hard at a zoo themed venue. The Party Hard at The Zoo event is included for free with every package holiday as part of the nine event strong Ultimate Events Package.
  3. The best paint party in Europe – Kavos was voted to have Europe’s biggest and best paint party in 2016. And with the huge paint cannons, jet washes and paint hoses, plus 2000 litres of paint, it is going to get VERY messy in more ways than one!
  4. The daytime rave – As the saying goes, you haven’t lived until you’ve partied at the biggest pool party in Greece. And if that isn’t a saying, it should be! The champagne spray pool party at the Quayside was also voted the best in Europe in 2016. Then get your red swimwear at the ready for the Baywatch Beach Party.
  5. Beaches and culture – Yep, we get that you’re probably not heading to Kavos for the culture, but if ever you do manage to surface before mid-afternoon there are some beautiful beaches to chill out at like Arkoudillas Beach, and some beautiful cultural spots too if you’re up for finding them!
  6. Wipe out – If you reckon you’d be brilliant at that ITV show Cannonball, you can try your luck at Kavos’ brand new inflatable water wipe out park, located 50 metres out in the sea, which opened in 2017.

Party Hard Travel are offering seven nights in Kavos from the June 6, 2018 including flights, hotel accommodation and the Party Hard Ultimate Events Package (including Future Club, Party Hard at The Zoo, Super Paint Party and more) for £315 pp from Mainland UK.