Jet2 Become the Latest Company to Call on the Government Regarding Decarbonisation Help and Jet2holidays have today (23 September) published a new sustainability strategy which covers its operations on the ground, in the air, and in resort and Jet2holidays have today (23 September) published a new sustainability strategy which covers its operations on the ground, in the air, and in resort. The strategy sets out Jet2’s decarbonisation plan on route to net zero by 2025 and the company has called on the UK government ti match its ambition by doing more to support aviation, including using the money paid in carbon taxes to invest in technology and solutions to mitiagte climate change.
The strategy published by Jet2 highlights its commitments and actions througghout every stage of the journey, which should ensure customers flying with or customers heading on package holidays that they are more environmenetallt sustainable tan before. is currently ranked as the 11th most environmentally efficient airline globally, according to the most recent atmosfair Airline Index, which compares and ranks the 200 largest airlines in the world. Pledges announced from Jet2 include one of the largest offsetting schemes of any airline globally, which from 2022 will see offset every tonne of carbon not already covered by their contribution to existing schemes which include CORSIA and UK and EU Emissions Trading Schemes.

Along with this, Jet2 has reduced its CO2 per passenger per km by more than 19% since 2011, which improved after the company entered into an agreement to purchase up to 60 new Airbus A321 NEO Aircrafts, a more efficient aircraft.

The Company will also be working with a leading supplier of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) based in the UK, with a view to using UK produced SAF from 2026, and is calling on the Government to increase its ambitions in this area, including by ringfencing future revenues from the sector’s participation in UK Emissions Trading System as well as upscaling its investment in sustainable aviation fuels.

Steve Heapy, Chief Executive of and Jet2holidays said: “Economically, socially and culturally, travel is a force for good. We have already taken many steps to make one of the most environmentally efficient airlines in the world, and we are continuing our work to become more sustainable in the air, on the ground and in resort.


Today is a proud milestone that sets us on a flightpath to decarbonisation and details how our customers can enjoy package holidays from Jet2holidays and scheduled holiday flights with that are more environmentally sustainable. This is demonstrated by our new order for up to 60 Airbus A321 NEO aircraft, which is in our view, the most efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft in its class today.


However, we cannot do this on our own. The Government must do more to help our industry to decarbonise – starting by being transparent and investing the proceeds of the UK & EU Emissions Trading Schemes, as well any other green levies imposed on the aviation industry, into decarbonisation.


Britain has the opportunity to lead the world in sustainable aviation fuels, and diverting the taxes paid by airlines towards helping this industry take off is quite simply the right thing to do for both the economy and the environment.”