Jamaica Lifts Travel Ban for UK Holidaymakers

Jamaica has reopened its borders to travellers from the UK

Jamaica has reopened its borders to travellers from the UK.

The country banned direct flights from the UK just over four months ago. The ban came to an end on April 30.

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said: “On Saturday, May 1, Jamaica will reopen its borders to international visitors from the United Kingdom. This will enable the critical gateways of Heathrow and Gatwick airports, to have transit for passengers coming through and who are fully compliant with health and safety protocols required for international travel.

“Jamaica’s position at this time is critical in relation to the opening up of the summer tourist season and in fact, the importance of enabling the diaspora, particularly the strong British clientele that have always come to the island.

“The lifting of the ban is also against the background of the improved vaccination programme in the UK and the fact that pretty close to 50 percent of UK residents have received their second dose of vaccinations.

“The opening of the borders is important in the context of not just Jamaica’s tourism but Caribbean tourism, as so many of these countries benefit from transiting through Jamaica for British and European nationals.

“It is important also against the background of the recent call by the Caribbean Tourism Organization urging a review of the categorisation of Caribbean countries by the UK; given the fact that we have the lowest death rates and highest recovery rates and exemplary COVID-19 management,” added Bartlett.