Israel Announced as Double Winners in Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards 2020

Israel has been announced as double winners in Tripadvisor's Traveller's Choice Awards 2020 – 'Best of the Best'

Israel has been announced as double winners in Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards 2020 – ‘Best of the Best’.

Tel Aviv made the Top 10 list for ‘Trending Destination – World’, while The Jerusalem Boutique Tour from Tel Aviv has been selected in the ‘Top 10 Experiences — Middle East’ category.

This year, Tripadvisor and Viator partnered to pull together all the experience reviews, ratings, and saves that travellers share from across the globe, using that information to spotlight the best in each category.

Tel Aviv has been described as “a youthful, modern metropolis with a diverse population, Tel Aviv dates back only to 1909. Clubs, bars, a thriving arts community, gay life and beaches attract artists, musicians and young professionals to Tel Aviv’s more secular scene. Its UNESCO-designated Bauhaus architecture has won the city the moniker ‘The White City’. Walk, drive or catch cabs between the cultural exhibition pavilions of Haaretz Museum, historic Independence Hall Museum, bustling Carmel Market and Old Jaffa’s boardwalk.”

While the city of Tel Aviv made the shortlist for the ‘Top 10 Trending Destinations’, the Jerusalem Boutique Tour from Tel Aviv has been labelled as one of the ‘Top 10 Experiences in the Middle East’. The tour gives travellers the chance to explore the Old City of Jerusalem and learn about the important historical and religious sites along the way on a guided day trip from Tel Aviv. Traveling on this small-group tour ensures an intimate experience that that the tour allows people to bring their luggage along, so the tour can double as a transfer from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Menno de Vries, Founder of The Jerusalem Boutique Tour from Tel Aviv said: “In 2018, I established a tour that was suitable for the modern traveller – one that didn’t start very early in the morning, where there was no need to switch busses in the middle of the day and one which wasn’t led by guides that needed the visit to the souvenir shops for extra income. As a result, I established The Jerusalem Boutique Tour from Tel Aviv and I am delighted that it has now been recognised by Tripadvisor as one of the Top 10 Experiences in the Middle East. I look forward to meeting you all on your next visit to Israel and showing you the beautiful country.”

Sharon E. Bershadsky, Director of the Israel Government Tourist Office UK said: “I am delighted that both the city of Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem Boutique Tour from Tel Aviv have been recognised by Tripadvisor in their Traveller’s Choice Awards 2020. The City of Jerusalem is a beautiful metropolis that perfectly combines its history, culture and religion with the buzz of a modern and vibrant city. While Jerusalem is famous for its religious significance, visitors can also experience the cosmopolitan thrill of the modern Jerusalem by visiting the wide array of bustling high streets, market places and award-winning restaurants. What’s more, after exploring Jerusalem, visitors can then take a short drive to Tel Aviv, where they can discover just why it is recognised as such a worldwide trending destination”.

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