Intrepid Expands 18 to 29s Trip Age Range To 35

Intrepid Travel is debuting a newly expanded 18 to 35s trip range for young travellers

Intrepid Travel is debuting a newly expanded 18 to 35s trip range for young travellers.  Effective immediately, Intrepid trips previously labelled 18 to 29s will become available to travellers into their mid-30s.

This expansion is part of Intrepid’s broader move to cater for next-generation travel, growing its trip range in 2024 to provide more enriching and local-led travel opportunities for gen-zs and millennials – from a night sail through the Amazon jungle with a local guide in Peru, to a homestay surrounded by terraced rice fields in Vietnam.

In 2024, Intrepid introduced 15 new trips exclusive to this age range, including a 9-Day Essential South KoreaSix Days in Iceland, and One Week in Morocco. Like all Intrepid trips, these small-group tours are expertly curated by local leaders for a truly authentic experience. They have been designed with younger people’s interests in mind, including more free time for travellers to explore on their own, and active experiences. This range also offers great value for money, ensuring travellers can make their budget go further.

Intrepid identified an opportunity to better cater for an expanded age range after experiencing a rise in enquiries from travellers in their early 30s wanting to join Intrepid’s young adult trips. The company conducted extensive consumer research which showed that most customers aged 18 to 35 prefer to travel with those of a similar age.

When it comes to finding the right kind of trip, the top three priorities were: unique cultural travel experiences, small-group size and best value for money. This was closely followed by a desire for more destinations and local leaders. Intrepid’s 18 to 35s range offers these younger travellers just that – a more conscious style of adventure, with an average group size of 10, led by local tour leaders in some of the most desirable travel destinations in the world.

In the UK, Intrepid has seen strong appetite for the product, with sales up 64% in January compared to January 2023. Hazel McGuire, UK general manager for Intrepid, said: “We’re seeing strong demand for our youth-focused trip range, particularly through trade partners.

“Young people are no longer looking for the large groups and party-packed nights of the past. They want climate-conscious, authentic experiences that allow them to connect with local communities.”

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