Influential Business Organisation Calls for Quick Decision on Heathrow/Gatwick

The GTMC - the representative body for Travel Management Companies and the business travel community in the UK - is urging the Government to make a quick decision on airport expansion in the south east, whether that means at Heathrow or Gatwick, or both

As the public consultation reopens, the GTMC says that whichever way the decision goes, it needs to be acted upon quickly.

Chief Executive Adrian Parkes said: “As the voice of the business traveller, the GTMC has been calling for airport expansion in the South East as vital for the UK’s continued economic growth for some time. The latest statistics support expansion at Gatwick, showing that a second runway option at Gatwick offers substantial financial benefits.

“We urge that decisions are made and quickly so the best developments for the UK economy are made as soon as possible.

“Our research alongside Oxford Economics demonstrates that just a one per cent increase in international air business travel – which can only be achieved by airport expansion at Heathrow or Gatwick, preferably both – will deliver £400m in knock on economic benefits.

He said any further delay is frustrating and curtailing the growth potential of UK businesses.