Increase in Security Measures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica plans to increase security at major tourist destinations after the deaths of two tourists

A heavier police presence will be implemented at a cost of about $1 million a year, said Vice Minister of Security Eduardo Solano.

“We’re going to increase Fuerza Publica personnel in delegations with high tourist presence,” he said.

“We’re going to conduct a scientific analysis in our most visited areas and those with the most crime to see where it’s most pertinent to increase personnel.”

The move comes after a Spanish tourist was killed in Tortuguero and a Mexican tourist was murdered in Santa Teresa.

In both cases suspects have been arrested.

“We need to stop being afraid to talk to tourists about safety,” said Minister of Tourism Maria Amalia Revelo.

Amalia said a dedicated app is being developed for visiting tourists and business owners with updated content on security and personal safety best practices, which will be rolled out in December.

Costa Rica has 284 officers in the tourism police force which are trained to assist foreign visitors and based across 18 locations nationwide.

The country welcomed nearly three million tourists last year.