Holidaymakers Might Have to Buy €14 Permits to Travel to EU

British holidaymakers could be charged €14 for an online permit to travel to any country within the European Union and the UK will introduce a similar charge for visitors from Europe as part of new security measures

Under current proposals, the permits will be valid for between three to five years, according to aviation consultant Eddie Redfern.

Speaking at ABTA’s Brexit briefing, Redfern said the proposed Electronic European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) was led by security issues, not Brexit.

“The UK was already looking at introducing something like this,” said Redfern, “it was going to be introduced regardless of Brexit.”

The EU plans to introduce the permits for all European countries outside the Schengen region, not just the UK, according to Redfern, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport who specialises in regulatory affairs.

Travellers will apply for the ETIAS online, in much the same way as they apply for an ESTA to travel to the US. At a cost of $14 the ESTA is slightly cheaper, but it is valid for only two years.

Applicants will have to answer a series of questions designed to identify illegal immigrants as well as those who pose a security threat or a public health risk.

Travellers will have to provide proof of ID, their address, contact and employment details or name of their college and details of their health, including whether they are suffering from any infectious diseases.

They will also have to supply details of serious convictions, including for racism and xenophobia, and explain reasons for any travel to war zones or areas of conflict.

In addition, they will have to give an address for their first night of their trip.

The proposals for the ETIAS have not yet been finalised.