The northern Italian mountainous region of Trentino in the heart of the Italian Alps is famous for its mighty Dolomites

The northern Italian mountainous region of Trentino in the heart of the Italian Alps is famous for its mighty Dolomites (UNESCO World Heritage Site), picture-perfect landscapes, which autumn turns into a colourful work of art, rivers, lakes, and fascinating history. TrentoRovereto and Arco are beautiful towns and cities in Trentino and are the perfect starting points for visitors looking to experience the best of the destination, during a short autumnal break. Trentino is enriched with history, nature and culture and is ideal for solo travellers, couples or families looking for a perfect autumnal escape in which to unwind.

The region of Trentino is well connected with cities like Verona, Bergamo, Milan, Venice and Bologna by long-distance trains that pass by some of Italy’s most wonderful wide landscapes allowing travellers to enjoy a picturesque and stress-free trip.

Experience the enchanting Brian Eno exhibition in magnificent Buonconsiglio Castle

Due to Trento’s charm and deep-rooted history and culture, the city’s symbolic Buonconsiglio Castle was chosen by the icon of international contemporary culture, Brian Eno, as the centre to showcase his new creative project Brian Eno x Trentino. Open until 6 November 2022, the father of ambient music is presenting an interplay of infinite variations of shapes, lights, and sounds. The musical compositions are designed in four areas within the castle and will be ever-changing, offering visitors a continuously unique experience as they walk around.

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Trento is the capital city of Trentino and boasts magnificent views of the snow-capped mountains and a great variety of monuments, ancient castles and culinary delights which are simply waiting to be discovered. It is a safe and perfectly sized city, rich in heritage, buzzing bars and restaurants and the perfect place to breathe and unwind after a busy summer, with a glass of sparkling Trentodoc in hand.

The fascinating inner city, restored over the last several years, is brimming with ancient sites, including Roman remains, a beautiful main square dotted with cafes, the famous Buonconsiglio Castle, Palazzo Pretorio, Neptune’s Fountain, as well as churches such as Santa Maria Maggiore and the San Vigilio Cathedral.


Enjoy the fruits of the wine harvest as the seasons change

Autumn marks the time for the grape harvest. A time when the vineyards are full of people, and the aroma of wine fills the air around the stunning villages. In Vallagarina, wine lovers can ride bikes along some stretches of the Via Claudia Augusta Padana which directly passes by the production areas of certain vineyards. The Moscato Giallo wine route winds through the vineyards and castles of Alta Vallagarina. The route deviates from the Adige cycle path at Besenello to pass through the ancient village, then continues up to the Castel Beseno above and then descends through the countryside renowned for its Moscato Giallo grapes. The path then reconnects to the main cycle path near Nomi.

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Elegant Rovereto occupies a picturesque valley surrounded by vineyards and incredible mountains. The city boasts a rich and fascinating heritage due to its unique location, as well as influences from neighbouring countries. Travellers can enjoy exploring Rovereto’s old town with its cobbled and quaint streets, where they will find old buildings, paintings on the facades, churches, and fountains. Visitors can test out their newly acquired wine knowledge in some of the traditional restaurants that are situated in the centre of the city. A must-see includes Rovereto Castle, which dates to the 14th century.


Explore centuries-old flora from all over the world

Due to its unique position, Arco, located on the north shore of Lake Garda is a paradise for plants to thrive. The milder climate which continued into the autumn, has created lush vegetation of Mediterranean and evergreen plants from all over the world. This autumn, nature lovers can visit the Arboretum in Arco, a botanic garden that dates back to the end of the 19th century. The living botanical museum is home to over 200 different trees and shrubs, including North American conifers, plants from Southeast Asia and Mediterranean plants. Autumn is the best time to visit the park as the temperature is perfect for exploring and spending time outdoors.

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Thanks to the mild climate due to the breezes from Lake Garda, Arco, is blessed with clean and pure air. The town has a beautiful fortified medieval centre and great attractions to explore such as the Sarca Bridge and the Sarca Dam in Arco, as well as the special symbol of the medieval town, Arco Castle. Visitors can reach the castle by walking through picturesque olive groves up to Prato della Lizza, where the panoramic and scenic golden autumnal views of the city and surrounding landscapes are visible.