Hannon Travel Supports Go Carbon Neutral Campaign

Hannon Travel Supports Forestry Partners’ Go Carbon Neutral Campaign across Island of Ireland

Hannon Travel one of Northern Ireland’s leading corporate travel management companies has signed up to the newly launched Go Carbon Neutral initiative, set up by social enterprise Forestry Partners, an ambitious campaign to position businesses across the island of Ireland at the forefront of global climate change mitigation projects.

Mukesh Sharma, Director, Hannon Travel said: “As a responsible travel management company with key clients across the island we’ve been offering our clients carbon neutral flights for some time, as well as advising them on ways to reduce their overall emissions. But we felt this wasn’t enough and more was needed to demonstrate what this could actually mean on the ground here across the island of Ireland.

“I am delighted to announce our partnership with Forestry Partners’ fledgling Go Carbon Neutral campaign which aims to help at least 250 local companies offset their carbon emissions.”
Eimer Hannon, Founder and MD of Hannon Travel says: “I want to make sure Hannon Travel plays its part by being at the forefront of global climate change mitigation projects. By taking part in this campaign, we are offering our clients a straightforward way to understand how they can offset those emissions by funding woodland creation which will be based here on the island of Ireland through Forestry Partners.

“It’s much more than simply fulfilling corporate social responsibility objectives. It’s about supporting tangible homegrown projects that clients and their staff can physically visit and have a positive quantifiable impact on environmental protection and biodiversity.  It’s time to get involved and make a difference.”

John Beckett, founder of Go Carbon Neutral says: “We are delighted to have Hannon Travel onboard as our first business in the travel sector leading the way in showing their clients how they can make a real difference at home by contributing to carbon neutral mitigation projects.  We will be working closely with local rural communities across the island to identify suitable sites and are aiming to become the largest private planter by the end of 2020.

“No business community has come together in this way anywhere in the world and we believe this campaign is the first step to transitioning Ireland to become a global leader in the fight against climate change, led by the private sector in an inclusive meaningful and enjoyable way while creating a lasting legacy of restored woodlands across the island of Ireland.”