Google Trips App Off The Map

The Google Trips app is due to be removed from service

Google is calling it a day for its Google Trips app.

The internet giant announced it would be ending its support for the app in August of this year.

This news was not entirely unexpected after a recent remodel of its Google travel web service.

The Google Trips app originally launched back in 2016.

The web service now consolidates all travel related services from Google Travel, Google Maps and Google Search in a handy single platform, easy for everyone to access and use.

“We’re evolving the Google Trips experience from a standalone app to an integrated part of trip planning across Google. Now, travelers can more easily plan trips on Search and Maps, where they already turn to for travel information,” Google said.

The web platform integrates all options together with personalization, travel related content including feature articles, videos and reviews, and flight, accommodation and travel package search tools.

For users already logged in and currently tracking flight prices via a Google search, the platform displays any updated price changes and will soon show previously viewed hotels.