Free Trip Offer if Northern Lights Don’t Appear

Hurtigruten are offering a guarantee that their clients will see the Northern Lights on their trip

The specialist cruise line is so confident that passengers will see the Northern Lights that it is offering another trip free of charge if they don’t appear.

Using expert astronomers to detect the phenomenon, they claim a 100 per cent success rate, something that will entice many travellers due to the unpredictability of the auroras. If the Northern Lights aren’t spotted within the trip, then they are then entitled to another cruise trip free of charge.

Guests can even opt in to a tannoy system within their room to be alerted to any unusual activity that may signify the lights are present. Hurtigruten’s website states: “One of your best chances of experiencing the Northern Lights is on a Hurtigruten voyage in the winter season.

“In fact, we’re so confident that we have issued a Northern Lights Promise for our 12-day voyages between October and February. If you are unlucky enough that the Northern Lights don’t occur during your voyage, we will send you to try again next winter for free!”

The free cruises are eligible on three of their 12-day tours, including the Classic Round Voyage and the Astronomy Voyage, with prices starting from £947.