Flight Disruption from Ash Cloud

Flight disruption in Manila due to 'imminent volcanic eruption'

The main airport in Manila, Ninoy Aquino international airport, was forced to close temporarily earlier today (13 January) as a result of an ash cloud from Taal volcano, which authorities in the Philippines report has the potential to erupt within days or even hours.

More than 240 international and domestic flights have been cancelled, and although Ninoy Aquino international airport has since partially re-opened, flight disruption continues.

Philippine Airlines has cancelled, delayed and diverted domestic and international flights and have issued warnings that further disruption is expected as the situation is ongoing and unpredictable.

The volcano has begun spewing lava since yesterday’s ash eruption, which has spread across more than 60 miles. The governments’ volcano-monitoring agency has increased the danger level around Taal three levels to level 4, indicating ‘an imminent hazardous eruption’.

The last time Taal showed similar activity was in the 1970 and it lasted for approximately four months.