Find the Best Deals for Winter sun this October Half-Term

WeSwap compares the nation's most popular flight providers for THIS October break 

As this week is the peak booking period for sun seekers  looking to getaway this October break, many Brits will be shopping around to find the best flight deals. In light of this, the world’s first peer-to-peer travel money provider, WeSwap has commissioned exclusive research based on the nation’s choice for the cheapest, easiest to use and most reliable flight providers and aggregators.

The nation votes for their favourite flight suppliers and WeSwap provides an UNBIASED comparison of the country’s top choices for a family trip of four to Tenerife this October half-term – where the weather is currently 24 degrees

WeSwap today unveils the nation’s choice for the cheapest, easiest to use and most reliable of flight suppliers, as well as tips and tricks on how best to avoid paying unnecessary amounts on their holiday
The nation’s top three flight providers based on cost, reliability, ease of use and trust are:

Most cost efficient

  1. EasyJet – 20% – 9,270,062
  2. Skyscanner – 14% – 5,624,532
  3. Ryanair – 12% – 5,520,374

Most Reliable

  1. EasyJet – 17% – 7,707,692
  2. Skyscanner – 16% – 5,910,967
  3. Travelsupermarket – 9% – 4,426,715

Easiest to Use

  1. EasyJet – 20% – 9,426,299
  2. Skyscanner – 18% – 7,343,139
  3. Ryanair – 10% – 4,140,281

Most Trustworthy

  1. EasyJet – 17% – 7,525,416
  2. Skyscanner – 16% – 6,041,164
  3. Travelsupermarket – 10% – 4,608,992

Most Used

  1. Easyjet – 31% – 10,077,287
  2. Skyscanner – 28% – 7,577,495
  3. Ryanair – 20% – 5,520,374

Despite Easyjet performing the best according to the nation, WeSwap’s tests have shown that it is worth shopping around for the best deals. One of the benefits of using flight comparison sites is being able to mix and match airlines because, while one may be the cheapest when departing, another may be better when returning.

Rob Stross, CMO of WeSwap: “For those planning to jet off in search of sun this October half-term, it is worth shopping around a range of different flight providers in order to get the best deals possible. Our research has shown that holidaymakers could save themselves hundreds of pounds by making quick decisions and booking all their flights with one flight provider. For those holidaymakers that are planning on booking flights with more than one provider, it pays to be aware that product prices may jump when you go from the aggregator website to the product or service’s own website. In order to not get caught out by any travel money pitfall this October half-term, it would be best to remain wary of enticing warnings and to search for a range of different dates and times to ensure that you don’t end up paying more than necessary.”

WeSwap’s Top Tips
• Be wary of enticing warnings that rush you to make purchases
This is usually illustrated in flight comparison websites, for example, a flight provider may say that they only have 2 spaces left and that there are 6 people looking at them. This information is often false and is presented in an attempt to rush you to make purchases.
• Watch out for products that jump in price when you go from the aggregator website to the product or service’s own website
For example, some sites may advertise a holiday at one price, but when you get through to the carrier’s website this jumps up in price. This is the fault of the individual company rather than the price comparison website. The jump in the price could be due to the information that you have put in or it could be a gimmick from the individual company. To combat this, see if the same increase happens for a different time or date of the flight.
• Check the organic as well as paid listings
Some price comparison sites will use a pay-per-click service to be listed at the top of search engines and some PCWs will appear organically on search engines. It is always worth comparing these different listings as the ones who have paid more for marketing do not always provide the best services
• Compare the comparison websites