Feasts, Flavours and Fusions at Jerusalem Culinary Festival

From November 13 to 17, 2018, food lovers worldwide will once again flock to Jerusalem as Israel’s urban culinary festival returns with popular demand for its third year

The five-day culinary festival sees more than 80 unique culinary experiences combine food with art, culture, and innovation.

The many open kitchens, private tours, food talks, art and culture bring together the rich fusion of ethnicity that multicultural Jerusalem offers, showcasing some of the city’s most exciting and celebrated restaurants and landmarks.

The festival opens the doors to Jerusalem’s vibrant neighbourhoods, where food, markets and nightlife combine with centuries-old traditions to create a variety of exclusive events for locals and tourists. From backstreet tours to master demonstrations, the festival boasts an immersive and educative culinary experience.

Visitors will enjoy a variety of authentic menus and behind the scene access into the city’s most reputable restaurants whilst also offering a glimpse of the undiscovered cuisines hidden amongst the city souks. Highlights include a Fashion and Food exhibition at the Israel Museum led by Chef Asaf Granit and the tantalising tricks and tastes at the Mad Hatters food fusion party at The Alliance.

Originally hosted in Tel Aviv, the popular event succeeds in attracting thousands of locals and tourists each year. Now launched in Jerusalem, a city famed for its diverse mix of flavours and innovative dining scenes, the Open Restaurant Festival sets to offer an authentic experience combining an array of gastronomic experiences in a melting pot of cultural cuisines.

Tickets can be purchased through the Open Restaurants website:  www.openrestaurants.com