Family Members Can Now Pool Rewards with Emirates

Emirates Skywards has amended its loyalty programme to allow family members to pool up to 100% of their rewards earned on Emirates

The airline said the introduction of the new ‘My Family’ programme would allow members to redeem rewards faster.

Each family account can have up to eight members and each member can pool up to 100% of their miles earned on Emirates flights, adjusting their contribution at any time.

“The new enriched ‘My Family’ programme will provide our members with a better, more intuitive customer experience, allowing them to consolidate up to 100% of Skywards Miles earned on Emirates to reap faster rewards as well as tailor the proposition to meet their travel needs,” said Dr Nejib Ben Khedher, Senior Vice President, Emirates Skywards.

Besides flight rewards and upgrades, members can earn and redeem Skywards Miles through over 100 programme partners including airlines, hotels and retail and lifestyle outlets.

Other benefits include lounge access, priority check-in and boarding and special privileges for wifi and advanced seat selection on board.