Explore the Wonders of Wine and Expand Your Knowledge

For those eager to distinguish their Malbec from their Merlot, and all in between, the JN Academy provides bespoke expertise on the world of wine

In response to a growing appetite for wine expertise and knowledge, particularly amongst young people, the JN Academy offers tips, insights and tasting opportunities to fully experience the rich aromas of wine tasting. Participants will be able to deepen their wine knowledge from novice to expert level.

A report by the International Wine Market Council recently found that young people are increasingly into wine, with millennials, defined as people ages 25 to 39, drinking more wine than any other generation. The research shows that while millennials are drinking less alcohol overall, the quality of what they consume is of great importance; so, having a good foundation of wine knowledge is paramount to developing this passion.

Aiming to remove the intimation factor for this growing generation of wine lovers, JN Academy has been designed for twenty and thirty-somethings, who may often be overwhelmed by the immense variety of wines available today. It will help enhance their love of wine through heightened expertise.

By helping you explore flavoursome synergies, along with sumptuous food pairings, JN Academy has been created to help people of all ages to feel confident in their wine knowledge. Whether socialising with friends or selecting the perfect gift, JN Wine’s experts will help you fully appreciate the quality and range of grape varieties available today. From cool, crisp white wines to a deep, delicious reds, members of the JN Academy can impress friends and family alike.

James Nicholson, Managing Director, JN Wine, said: “Whilst we are drinking 18% less alcohol than a decade ago, when it comes to wine, the interest is growing; particularly amongst millennials who have a greater focus on health and lifestyle.

“Today we have the luxury of navigating a wine world with far more options than our predecessors’, but it can be extremely challenging to keep up.  The JN Academy is about encouraging an openness to variety and highlighting key trends.”

By joining the JN Academy, members will learn about the diversity in regions and styles of wine, as well as perfect wine pairings for seasonal or occasional dining.

JN Wine is an independent wine merchant offering high quality wines sourced from family and artisan wineries around the world. The company, that was founded in County Down in 1977 provides a home delivery service for wine lovers throughout Ireland via its website.

JN Wine also supplies wine to the many of the top restaurants and hotels across the island of Ireland. Founder James Nicholson prides himself on presenting the finest and most innovative wines from around the world, tasting events to excite the senses and second to none, multi-award-winning expertise.

To join the JN Academy, visit www.jnwine.com and sign-up for free to receive valuable advice and tips, details of new wines to the JN Wine range, special offers and announcements on upcoming events.