Eurostar Launches ‘Press for Champagne’ Button

Eurostar is trialling a 'press for champagne' button to mark 100 days until its 25th anniversary

Passengers on selected services can order a free glass of fizz at the touch of a button

Eurostar passengers on selected services can now order a free glass of fizz at the touch of a button – the Champagne Button!

The ‘press for champagne’ button has been launched to mark 100 days until the company’s 25th anniversary.

A free glass of fizz will be served to the first 25 passengers on selected trains who activate the feature.

The button is available on the rail operator’s smartphone app on Tuesday and then every Friday for the rest of August, on these services:

5.01pm departure from London to Paris
5.13pm departure from Paris to London
5.16pm departure from London to Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The first Eurostar trains left London for Paris and Brussels on November 14 1994 and in 2018 some 11 million passengers travelled with the copmany, up 7% on the previous year.

Eurostar’s chief customer officer Marc Noaro said: “For 25 years Eurostar has provided customers with a fast, comfortable and enjoyable way to travel.

“We’re trialling a new ‘press for champagne’ button this summer to offer travellers a chance to join in the celebrations and make their trip even more special.”