Entrepreneur Outlines Plans to Bring Back ‘Don’t Just Book It’ Slogan

The businessman who wants to bring the slogan Don't Just Book It back to life is in talks with investors and potential CEOs over plans to get his company off the ground

Tim Kinslow, who owns an EU-based property portfolio and has sold beach and snow holidays in Europe and Turkey for 20 years, wants to set up an online operator that will attract former Thomas Cook clients.

He has registered the domain names DontJustBookIt.com and DontJustBookIt.co.uk and hopes to operate holidays to Turkey and Spain next year, if all goes to plan.

He said: “The notion behind the idea is to try to retain or attract some of the key Thomas Cook brand loyalty who are now ‘travel homeless’.

“We have had some contacts with investors and are in the process of getting investment.

“These are fledgling days. There is a whole lot of process to go through in terms of ATOL and ABTA. We’re looking to appoint a CEO and people have contacted us from Thomas Cook, Freedom and the airline.

“We’re trying to get people round the table. This venture is much bigger than the things that we have done before. Our plan is to create a disruptive brand that looks at the peak market but to do it in a sustainable way that it can make a profit and not run up debt after debt.

“Don’t Just Book It is a strong brand, which encourages the legacy trust of Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook brand customers weren’t unhappy with holidays and the flights were safe.

“We’re looking at a lean online operation.”