Egypt Cuts Cost of Tourist Visas to Attract Visitors

Egypt has cut the cost of tourist visas and entry prices for heritage attractions in a bid to reestablish its tourism operation

Egypt has cut the cost of tourist visas and entry prices for heritage attractions, in a bid to kick-start tourism amid the coronavirus crisis.

Tourist visas for travellers arriving at Luxor or Aswan airports will be reduced from $25 to $15 during June, July and August while entry fees for archaeological sites and museums will be halved.

Egypt began reopening hotels mid-May at quarter capacity, which will increase to 50% in June, the country’s ministry of tourism and antiquities has confirmed.

Hotels that wish to operate must apply for an audit to ensure they meet health and safety guidelines set by the country’s Egyptian Hotel Association and certificates must be renewed on an annual basis.

New operating requirements include having a clinic and doctor on-site; ensuring a supply of PPE and sterilisation materials; and complying with new inspection criteria.

Check-in must be contactless, while guests must undergo temperature checks, agree for their luggage to be sterilised, and maintain heightened handwashing practices.

Room capacity should not exceed two adults, or two adults and one child in a family room, while lifts must be operated at half capacity. Casinos will also operate at half capacity, and there must be good ventilation and signage throughout the premises

Buffet service is banned, as are hookahs and shishas. Dining tables will be separated by at least two metres, and guests at each table by at least a metre – up to a maximum of six.